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My Approach

In my experience it’s the relationship we create that is the biggest medium for change, with this in mind, I work in a very relational way, aiming to create a safe space for us to explore aspects of life that may be causing emotional and physical unease.


Following years of working in the field of addiction for substance misuse using techniques based around cognitive behavioural therapy, Mindfulness, and motivational interviewing, I realised that many conditions that affect the human mind, body and soul are linked to trauma and often our earlier life experience. This led me further training and a post-graduate degree as I wanted to be better equipped to understand what was going on with the human condition. As a result, my work is trauma-informed and trauma-sensitive with an interest in early attachment and experience.


The integrative approach allows me to call upon aspects of many different therapeutic traditions. The main contenders being person centred therapy, attachment theory and elements of CBT. In my view, each person is unique and will bring their own story. Having different methods ensures we are well equipped to face whatever terrain we enter and can tailor the work to suit individual needs.


It's my belief that counselling is a collaborative experience, we work together to try to understand the events that have happened in your past and how they are affecting you now, and find the resources needed for a better future. Sometimes it's just about what's affecting you now with no clear reason. Life can sometimes feel like were crashing in the water, therapy can help us learn to ride each wave as it comes and settle on calmer shores.

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