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Adult Therapy

Counselling provides a space to explore what is causing us emotional unease. Problems with relationships, friends, family, work, and health can lead to symptoms of anxiety, stress, sleeplessness, and depression. We can get stuck in negative ways of thinking that can influence the choices we make.


The experience of sitting with someone with training and experience to understand what you’re going through and sharing elements of our past, present, and sometimes future concerns can support clients to emerge from therapy with an overall sense of wellbeing, increase self-esteem, hopefulness, resilience, and self-awareness; helping bring us back into alignment and bring a balance into our lives.

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Walking Therapy


Simply we walk and we talk without the constraints of being inside. Sometimes sitting in the room, face to face can be a little daunting, using the outside space and connecting with the natural environment can help us find calm in our minds. Walking and movement helps regulate our feelings and emotions freeing up space to find what we want to say.

Hawstead ‘Hall on the Green’, offers a beautiful outdoor space, peaceful and full of nature, providing a great location for working outdoors and different paths close to the room which means we can walk at a pace to suit individual needs.

I’ve found walking therapies effective with people of all ages. Older clients who follow a gentle pace find being surrounded by nature very reassuring. While some of my young teenage clients have found it a good alternative to being in a room, as they have a sense of freedom and feel more able to unburden themselves.

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Man Walking in Fields
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