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Nature Based Work

Nature based work provides a valuable alternative to the traditional concept of counselling using rooms and indoor space. Held in beautiful and peaceful surroundings in the Suffolk countryside, quite woodlands, that offer the space to sit or walk in nature, whilst being guided, talking and working through personal difficulties together in the same way a counselling session usually works.

Working outdoors offers more to the experience as we are able to draw on nature's resources. Nature has the capacity to sooth us. Growing evidence shows that being in natural spaces is not only beneficial for our wellbeing, has a significant effect on our ability to regulate emotions and reduces depression, stress and anxiety. By providing counselling in a natural setting, we can draw on nature's ability to sooth and calm and help individuals face difficult issues in their lives, that otherwise may have been difficult to face.  

Nature is in a constant process of change, the ebb and flow, seasons and cycles, often replicate transitions we experience in the human world.  The metaphors presented in nature-based work can be a powerful vehicle for self-understanding and can also facilitate a capacity to reflect more deeply into our individual selves and our lives, aiding the psychotherapeutic intervention.

As an eco practitioner, I embrace the hypothesis of biophilia, 'that humans possess an innate tendency to seek connection to nature and other forms of life', working outdoors, in nature quite literally takes us back to our 'roots', and our inherent contentment in connection with the natural world.

I will ensure as much as possible, that the sessions are safe and contained, arrangements are made in advance where we can discuss what to expect from the sessions. As a trained ecopsychologist I will also provide reflective eco therapeutic practices in between sessions to aid consistency and promote greater strategies to maintain wellbeing. 


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