Leah Orr - Psychotherapeutic Counselling 

If you are reading this my guess is that you've come to a place in your life that feels stuck or confusing and don't know which direction to follow.


Counselling provides a congruent experience in a place of compassion and without judgement, creating a safe, confidential base from which to explore any troubles or adventures life may have presented. Through counselling we embark on a collaborative relationship to find solutions, resolutions and implement effective change.

Emotional unease can effect sleep, appetite, blood pressure and other conditions that impact on the way we function. Improved emotional well being can also improve our physical well being. Integrative counselling provides a holistic approach being mindful of the relationship between the emotional and physical and creating  unique experience for each individual.


As it can often be difficult to identify or express emotions or events hat may be troubling us, creative resources are encouraged where necessary to bring about healthy cohesion of body and mind.